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transparent tears


Name: Marco Lee
Age: 20
Gender: M!
Sexual preference: !F
Top 10 Bands: I hate this question haha
1: Thursday
2: Cold (Yes, stupid girl is a fucking stupid song)
3: Flaw
4: Modest Mouse
5: A Perfect Circle
6: U2
7: Sub Seven
8: Dead Poetic
9: The Darkness
10: The Beets (haha Doug Funny)
Are they in a specific order?: Not really.
Favorite 80's tv show: Voltron!!!!!
Occupation: Waiter's lil bitch...
Do you like Sean Brundage?: Do I!!
Smoke: No
Drink: ;)
Marital Status: Farrr from it.
What does "METAL" mean to you?: HAIR
What is love?: Confusing stuff
What's the gayest you've ever been? (explain in detail): I think a picture is worth a thousand words...

Why should you be a member of Yanni+Friends?:Yanni is my Idol
Do you know Yanni?: In my dreams
Do you know Friend?: Hes a friend
Do you know Ryan?: We're like that
Are you a virgin?: What's in it for me? ;)
Cup Size: Not big enough
Do you think this is a cult: Anything for Yanni
Shoe size: 44.. europe! haha
Why are you joining Yanni+Friends?: It was spammed in my journal so I couldn't pass it up.
What makes YOU think YOU are Fanni+Yriends material?: Cause I'm confused to much right now by that question.
Where did you hear about Yanni+Friends?: Friends of a friend of a friends mom's of a friends.
Do you think you're cool because you think you're getting into Yanni+Friends?: I never was so cool
Do you agree to our Policies*? (automatic denial if you say no): YES!

Do you want to join Yanni+Friend?:YES!

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