Jenny Foster (artsmarterjen) wrote in yanniandfriends,
Jenny Foster


Name: jen foster
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexual preference: straight
Top 10 Bands:
1: tsunami bomb
2: the offspring
3: taking back sunday
4: afi
5: coheed
6: texas is the reason
7: the postal service
8: no doubt
9: reggie and the full effect
10: sublime
Are they in a specific order?: kinda
Favorite 80's tv show: care bears
Occupation: k-mart employee.... ohhhh yeahhhh
Do you like Sean Brundage?: hes in my math class. so, okay
Smoke: no
Drink: no
Marital Status: single
What does "METAL" mean to you?: guys in tight pants with long hair
What is love?: not for me
baby don't hurt me
don't hurt me
no more.
What's the gayest you've ever been? (explain in detail): im not gay
Why should you be a member of Yanni+Friends?: cuz you guys are cool
Do you know Yanni?: i hung out with him i think cuz he was friends with chris schill. and i was friends with brittany
Do you know Friend?: yeah. i dont think he remembers me though
Do you know Ryan?: i think. i know of an orange affro
Are you a virgin?: hmmm
Cup Size: heyyyyy
Do you think this is a cult: maybee
Shoe size: 8
Why are you joining Yanni+Friends?: cuz i feel like it. geeze
What makes YOU think YOU are Fanni+Yriends material?: i thought it was yanni and friends
Where did you hear about Yanni+Friends?: i heard u guys at the coffee house in like 10th grade
Do you think you're cool because you think you're getting into Yanni+Friends?: the coolest ever
Do you agree to our Policies*? (automatic denial if you say no): yea

Do you want to join Yanni+Friend?: yeah thatd be cool. i dont know how to get pics on here if thats what ur asking
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