Anthony J. Johnson (xlepinthehoodx) wrote in yanniandfriends,
Anthony J. Johnson


Name:Anthony Johnson
Sexual preference:Vag
Top 10 Bands:
1:My Chemical Romance
2:The Locust
3:Fall of Troy
4:This day forward
5:The Postal service
6:Every time I die
9:Andrew WK
10:Minus the bear
Are they in a specific order?: No
Favorite 80's tv show: Knight Rider
Occupation:jacking off at home
Do you like Sean Brundage?: maybe
Smoke: yes
Drink: yes
Marital Status: single
What does "METAL" mean to you?: When you rock so hard you shit blood. And puke and jizz.
What is love?: Not being in high school and being boy friend and girlfriend and fucking lots.
baby don't hurt me
don't hurt me
no more.
What's the gayest you've ever been? (explain in detail): When a drunk guy kissed me on the cheek.
Why should you be a member of Yanni+Friends?:I am a funny guy who would be a great person to have in the community. I am also a cooljerk. i am also 18 i will buy you smokes and dildos
Do you know Yanni?: I know his works
Do you know Friend?: no but i would like to.
Do you know Ryan?: i know a ryan
Are you a virgin?: No
Cup Size: dunno
Do you think this is a cult: yes but i will drink the kool aid promise.
Shoe size: 13 and yes my cons do look like clowns shoes LOL!!!1111!
Why are you joining Yanni+Friends?: It seems funny
What makes YOU think YOU are Fanni+Yriends material?: I have a fucking rapist wit
Where did you hear about Yanni+Friends?: Some dude said i should check it out. So being a fucking trendy bitch i did.
Do you think you're cool because you think you're getting into Yanni+Friends?: Sure thing. I am way to hott to trot.
Do you agree to our Policies*? (automatic denial if you say no): Yes I do

Do you want to join Yanni+Friend?: yes.

[end copy]
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