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Name: Jane
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Bi
Top 10 Bands:
1: The Pixies
2: Journey
3: The Walkmen
4: Flaming Lips
5: The Talking Heads
6: Alaska!
7: Ween
8: Bon Jovi
9: depeche mode
10: *.Fat
Are they in a specific order?: Kinda
Favorite 80's tv show: Family Ties
Occupation: Grad Student
Do you like Sean Brundage?: He's my brother
Smoke: kinda
Drink: i'm from new orleans.
Marital Status: marriage bad
What does "METAL" mean to you?: not wood
What is love?: Baby don't hurt me.
What's the gayest you've ever been? (explain in detail): 740
Why should you be a member of Yanni+Friends?: My grandmother bought me a Yanni CD for Christmas when I was 13.
Do you know Yanni?: I see him in my dreams.
Do you know Friend?: I have a friend.
Do you know Ryan?: I tutor a Ryan.
Are you a virgin?: no.
Cup Size: 34B or C
Do you think this is a cult: Yes.
Shoe size: 7 1/2 women's
Why are you joining Yanni+Friends?: Because I belong here.
What makes YOU think YOU are Fanni+Yriends material?: Who's Fanni and what's a Yriend?
Where did you hear about Yanni+Friends?: Yanni told me to come.
Do you think you're cool because you think you're getting into Yanni+Friends?: Yes.
Do you agree to our Policies*? Yes.

Do you want to join Yanni+Friend?:
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